GTX 1650 is Eiyuden Chronicle Graphics Card requirement

As a J-RPG gamer nothing is more satisfying when your favorite series get new sequel or adaptation. Unfortunately it won't be the same case with Suikoden fans, and since Suikoden V released on 2006, no new sequel has been released since.

Konami as the publisher was no longer the same with Konami many years ago, and because of certain reason, their focus is no longer for "mainstream" gaming.

The Rabbit & Bear studio comes on right time to console many J-RPG gamer especially many Suikoden fans who have lost hope for their favorite games to be released in near future.

This studio is made by former Suikoden series including Yoshitaka Murayama who passed away recently.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes as their games can be seen as the unofficial sequel from Suikoden or also their successor. Many elements inside the games feel so fun and familiar for Suikoden fans.

With the support from fans via Kickstarter, with 505 Games as the games publisher.

Prior the release of the games, fans have been introduced via trailer and many screenshots that was gradually released.

After years of development, we can finally enjoy the games released at April last month.

For J-RPG fans in general, the games presence is not to overlook, and many aspect that can make you go back to 90s in the best era of this genre.

This games has been released on Steam with Windows 10 as the minimum requirement for OS, so it is not available for Windows 7. With 1080p 30 fps as target, you need 2 GB size video card, and GTX 660 and R7 260 X is recommended here.

For optimum performance in 1080p, the games recommends GTX 1650 or Radeon RX 570 as the graphics card recommendation. Note that many publishers or gaming developer suggest the stronger component as requirement, so in most case gamers will not find any trouble running their games.

Yes the GTX 1650 which is the recommended video card here, even though the games does not look that demanding for its visual. This product may not good enough for the latest AAA games, but remember if GTX 1650 was also the top product for its class and top survey for the favorite gpu back then.

And of course RX 570 that is stronger 12 percent than GTX 1650 according to Techpowerup, but it must be compensated with more power requirement.

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