Asus VE278Q Review - 27 Inch Monitor for Everyday Gaming

In this article I'm going to review the VE278Q, best 27 inch gaming monitor and one of the most recommended Asus LED for gaming which has been featured with 2ms response time, integrated speakers, and complete audio video signal inputs.

Well, if a 24 inch monitor is not big enough for you then you probably need a bigger monitor (like this Asus 27 inch LED monitor). With larger and wider screen, it's easier for you to do multitasking and more comfortable to watch Full HD movies and playing video games.

* Specifications

Size: 27 inch
Resolution: 1920 x 1080
2 ms response time
(ASCR) : 10,000,000:1
Display Colors : 16.7M
SPLENDID Video Preset Modes: 6 Modes
Skin-Tone Selection: 3 Modes
Color Temperature Selection: 4 Modes

* Design

At first glance, there is nothing special about Asus VE278Q. Though its black bezel is quite thin, its design still looks solid and "bulky". Overall, design is not the biggest value from VE278Q.

* DiplayPort and HDMI connectivity

Beside HDMI port, Asus VE278Q also provides DiplayPort that supports mid end or high graphics card.

* Video test

As you can see from the video above, this Asus monitor is still good to display movies and games with beautiful colors, apart from the TN panel it uses. However, avoid this Asus VE278Q if you are looking for a monitor with more natural colors and get an IPS monitor instead.

(Fortunately, according to some people who bought this monitor, the Asus VE278Q is quite decent for photo editing)

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* Features

- 10,000,000:1 ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio
It improves screen contrast by adjusting brightness background light to display color, darkest black and brightest white - delivering vivid image display.

- 2 ms response time
This monitor features fast response time, which is good to deliver image quality with almost no ghosting or blur effects.

- Picture in Picture
This LED has also been completed with unique feature like Picture in Picture (PIP). This is a mode which allows two different signal shown at the same time on screen.

- Integrated Speakers
It's the one thing i don't really like about this VE278Q to be honest. With double 3W speakers, the sound quality is really poor. However, if audio is the biggest concern when you want to get a new monitor for gaming, then i recommend you HP Envy 24, 1080p IPS monitor featured with beats audio.

- AI Light function
It enables the monitor to automatically adjust brightness to lower level and help you avoid eye strain. Not just that, it can also reduce the monitor's power consumption.

- Large size screen with Full HD resolutions
- Fast response time
- DiplayPort support
- A lot of features

- TN panel
- Noticeable light bleed
- Double 3W integrated speakers
- "Bulky" and uninteresting design
- Bad viewing angles
- Its stand is too low

The Verdict:
A 27 inch size monitor might be to big for 1080p resolutions, fortunately, considering its price, Asus VE278Q is really ideal for a gamer who wanna get a large size monitor without have to spend so much money.

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