Samurai Warriors 4 DX needs better Graphics Card to play

Let's talk about Koei Tecmo with their Musou games, and one of them is the original version from Samurai Warriors 4 that was released in 2019.

Finally this games got new "update" and is released with the newer version, and let's see what you can get with this new one version.

The notable thing is of course the English localization, but the original version already got the same treatment as well.

If you wanna know about the games Koei Tecmo have released the launched trailer and definitely realize about the games lore, gameplay and also the graphics.

Samurai Warriors series in the first place is just a spin-off from Dynasty Warrior, their another popular franchise. So obviously those games come from the same root with similar gameplay but with different background and characters.

Understand that the DX version won't be too different from original version, with same gameplay, characters, story and the other content. But Koei Tecmo has put the complete DLC that includes new BGM, new added scenario, weapon and costumes.

When this article is created you can get the games with 49,99 dollars.

4 GB Ram is needed as minimum requirement, with HD 7790 and GTX 660 as the least requirement for the video card.

Well it's still interesting to see a games publisher recommended an old video card as the requirement, like HD 7790 which was released in 2013, when speaking theoretically, RX 550 that was released as the next generation is more recommended.

Still, it was one of best in its class for sure, and was also made for 1080p.

With the requirement above, you can only play it on 720p 30fps.

Now prepare for the best when you want to see this games in better optimization, with RX 570 or GTX 1060 needed to play this games.

It's not a surprising thing Koei Tecmo recommended a video card like GTX 1060 which was strong enough in playing games on highest graphics setting back then in 2016. Even though with its standard 6 GB memory size, it's still enough for the games. But it will definitely struggle for many games that require 8 GB video card or even more

Its almost equal card is RX 570 with only about 10 percent as the performance difference. The 2 GB different size for memory may have impact for that though.

Now see the chance for best gpu under 100 that will give another plan if you want to get new product and component.