With Asus VE278Q improve overall gaming experience

The cons from Asus VE278Q you can notice is to find the right brightness of the monitor which is not as easy as you expect. But by doing some little effort, you can fix it directly.

Thankfully, like the rest of monitor sold on market, there's a CD included where you can learn the manual of the product.

If we have to give our opinion about the monitor is the quality of Asus VE278Q is beyond average. And as a consumer, you'll get what you've paid.

Not everyone are gamers, sometimes they just want to do something more casual with their monitor. Well by purchasing this asus product, enjoy the better experience than your small monitor before.

A lot of users think that this is a superior one than a standard 1080p they always find out there. By having this one inside your room, feel that many benefit to reach as a user.

The very best selling point from Asus VE278Q is pretty much in losing the blur once you're playing games that involve fast movement. Another good thing is the matte screen that turns out highly important for a lot people. Even though a monitor with glassy screen looks more luxurious, not everyone can stand to see the light reflection on the screen. Plus with clear screen, it's more easy to do some reading.

By using this relatively perfect monitor then improve the condition in your room with better entertainment, games and movie and other fun stuff. It is worth investment when buying it now.