XDefiant games and what it may demand for Graphics Card

Remember the hype from the games when it was announced few years before.

But for some reasons the games was delayed with the change of the system, since the shooter gameplay inside was considered outdated.

Fortunately XDefiant, the new games from Ubisoft can be fun choice for games who need to challenge themselves.

Yes since this games is also available for PC then you may also want to hear the requirement you need.

Without "Tom Clancy" as the part of of its name, the games can still come with many unique things.

And it includes many factors as well as better that should gives more fun experience for you as a gamer.

Now let's see if your computer can handle the games or not, especially the video card component, processor, and also your computer RAM.

The games is recommended at least for 1080p, and on low you still need strong processor, and for this case, prepare Intel i7 4790K or Ryzen 5 1400.

As predicted, 8 GB Ram is needed as minimum requirement, and the GTX 1050 Ti or RX 560 is the minimum video card requirement you need here.

For same resolution but on high settings, as expected, gamers need stronger processor and GPU. With GTX 1060 or RX 580 needed to play this games.

RTX 2060 and both RX 5600 XT with 6 GB size that they bring as Vram are needed to optimize the games at 2K resolution.

Finally for the 4K, the RTX 3080 and the video card from AMD that is equal with it, RX 6800 XT is required too.

Remember if you want to get RX 6800 XT then be ready to prepare larger PC case, and when you see the line up of the series in Tech power up, most of them come with the three fans, let alone the dimension. And for such a card it's recommended to have a graphics card holder to hold the weight, hence it won't mess up the motherboard PCIe slot.

The same thing can be said to RTX 3080 since both product are high end gpu, and they have large dimension.

Unfortunately a cheap Graphics Card as seen here won't help to play this new fun games.

Finally this games will come with "free to play" as the format in this month, and having new games to play can be demanding so if you don't have a strong computer and you don't want to upgrade right now, then the answer is not to play this games.