Bloodstained is now under Deep Silver

You who had followed the information the gaming industry for the last few days is certainly still remember the bloodstained name: Ritual of the Night. When this project was first rolled in Kickstarter, especially in the middle warmth of Konami issues that began leaning to the mobile game business, the gaming industry like craze. Something which is understandable, because it looks like a successor bloodstained Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, a dream project that has long wanted by gamer but never heard. Moreover, bloodstained will be handled by Koji Igarashi aka Iga which is to be the brains behind the Castlevania series. In just a short time, bloodstained meet even the target through their donations.

Since the beginning Iga was already mentioned that their Kickstarter program is not intended to raise funds development. Bloodstained actually already has a strong potential investors, but the owners of these funds want to see whether a game similar to the classic Castlevania sensation will be responded positively by gamers. The big question of course one - who exactly is this publisher? After a mystery, is Deep Silver - leading game publishers like Dead Island, Homefront, and Metro: Last Light was the one that turned out to be behind bloodstained. It is revealed through the process of trademark registration in the name of "bloodstained" they are doing.

Although Iga itself already had called this early teaser bloodstained, many gamers who regretted that the right to franchise this fall under the name of Deep Silver and instead Iga itself. One is for sure, with the intervention of Deep Silver, the bloodstained certainly will not get stuck in financial difficulties and can be widely distributed. Kickstarter bloodstained figure today has reached USD 2,878,585, or almost 4 times more than they need. The game itself will be developed using the Unreal Engine 4.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night itself will be launched in March 2017, for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and of course, PC.