Need for Speed Reboot is coming november and requires online

Need for Speed ​​reboot is confirmed last week. Latest Need for Speed ​​is developed by Ghost Games (the same studio that developed the Need for Speed ​​Rivals), a series which is regarded as completely reboot the series, as well as prepared only for the platform now-gen PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and of course PC via Origin platform. Yesterday an update on Xbox Games Store for Need for Speed ​​reboot also mentions the release date of this game, which is 3 November. EA previously only mentioned if they are planning to take it out later this year. Unfortunately, a listing on Xbox Games Store was immediately removed so there are gamers who noticed.

Together with an update on the Xbox Games Store (see screenshot above), we also see there is little new information that has not been disclosed previously. Such as the existence five styles for spur vehicle in this game, which is mentioned as Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. Then also mentioned other features, such as the stories that are interrelated, and allows you to print these different games. While the West Coast Urban setting is mentioned as an open world setting at night, where you tasked to explore and dominate the area.

"NFS will require an online connection, but the benefits are nice. More variety and a more rewarding experience with friends." from need for speed official twitter account

Stated through the official Twitter account that the development team is making this game completely requires experience with the internet to offer more reward varies when played together with friends, and it can only be achieved with online games.

EA's previous official press release said the new series will present the deep customization, authentic urban car, setting the world of open-world, as well as in-depth narrative. Well, it is so far we can only see it through some early screenshots and trailer just like what EA promised. They also add, if you are going to feel the nuances of driving in urban areas through trends in the past and the present. To achieve this, EA collaborate with Speedhunters, community of car enthusiasts from various generations, which will contribute to research and development for an authentic aspect of car culture in this reboot of Need for Speed.