New horror games by Amnesia dev, SOMA announced

Most fans of the horror game does not seem to be familiar with Amnesia, particularly the advanced series - The Dark Descent who won attention. Amnesia may be referred to as a catalyst that brings back this genre again popular in the gaming industry. Horror genre where its main strength lies in the position of your character that can not fight and can only be run to save themselves from the source of the threat. Atmospheric mix right through the silence and detail a remarkable place, Amnesia will continue to be discussed in the future as one of the best. And now, the same developer will try to offer similar fears through SOMA.

Developed over the past five years, Frictional Games - the developer behind Amnesia: The Dark Descent is finally ready to release a new horror game - SOMA. Unlike the previous projects more viscous with a supernatural aura, SOMA makes the concept of science-fiction as the main theme. Frictional Games themselves called this game will focus on the problem of consciousness, identity, and existence of ourselves. The point of course is still the same, always striving to bring the sensation of anxiety that is consistently present. A gameplay trailer was also released to give some idea about it.

Latest horror game by Frictional Games - SOMA will slide 22 September 2015 next to the PS4 and PC.