The 5 Best Low Power Graphics Card for Gaming

One of the factor considered by a gamer beside the price when buying a new graphics card is the power consumption.

So we aim to provide you with the list of video card that draws less power, yet they can still give decent performance for gaming.

Having said that, we will not include GPU product such as GT 730 or GT 710. Despite their low power consumption, the performance of those cards are relative bad compared to the list inside this article.

GT 1030

Now let's start with GT 1030 as one of the best graphics card around 100 dollars. Nothing can stop you to get this Geforce product unless you want to spend more money.

Moreover, GT 1030 is the slower in this list thanks to its bandwidth that is rated at 48.06 GB/s. But for an entry level, it's good enough since the others cards in this level like GT 730 has even lower bandwidth.

The GT 1030 is also ideal if you prefer a low profile edition since you can find some options like Colorful GT 1030 low profile, GALAX EXOC White and EVGA GT 1030 SC Low Profile with half board size.

Its max TDP is just 30 watts, so beside the slowest, GT 1030 is also the card that draws most less power in this article.

RX 550

Definitely one of the best entry level graphics card at this time. RX 550 itself feels like a direct answer by AMD to face Nvidia's GT 1030.

The base clock is slightly slower than GT 1030, but RX 550's bandwidth and memory clock is faster.

According to Techpowerup, the difference relative performance between GT 1030 and RX 550 is 21 percent.

RX 550 is also available with 4Gb DDR5 which is better for certain games that require big Vram like RE Village.

GTX 1050 Ti

Possibly the most popular mainstream video card for gamers. It has everything that can attract gamers from the price ranger, decent specifications, and also the low power consumption.

It is an upgrade over GTX 960 which it replaced, since GTX 1050 Ti is slightly stronger yet it draws less power (75 watts), compared with GTX 960 that can draw 120 watts.

RX 6400

This RX 6400 is just a 64 bit graphics card yes the performance can match GTX 1650 and is better than GTX 1050 Ti.

The power consumption is just around 53 watts, so definitely RX 6400 is more efficient for gaming compared with GTX 1650.

Make sure your motherboard has been featured with pci 4.0 slot so your computer can optimal the performance from this card.

GTX 1650

This is the strongest card in this list, and same with GTX 1050 Ti above, it's already equipped with 4Gb DDR5. Hence GTX 1650 is ideal to use for 1080p gaming.

The power consumption of the card is just 75 watts which is reasonable given the specs which strong enough.

GTX 1650 is also available with Super edition which is faster with DDR6 memory, but it draws more power (100 watts max TDP) and needs one power connector.

Honorable mention

GTX 1630

It's rather hard to recommend the GTX 1630 since its performance is weaker then GTX 1630 yet their max TDP are basically same.

However, it's still worth to mention this GPU especially since the price is cheaper than GTX 1650. This product is also suitable for gamers who want to upgrade from GT 1030 or RX 550.

GTX 750 Ti

Even though GTX 750 Ti has been discontinued, we can't deny about the popularity of this card. Back then it was still ideal for 1080p, and can run games such as Crysis 3 or Battlefield 3 and many old title with good settings.

The way to get the product is only in second hand condition, yet the price is still relatively expensive.


RX 6400, GTX 1650, and GTX 1050 Ti are the best low power video card for 1080p in this article, while GT 1030 and RX 550 are more suitable for 720p gaming.

If you are fine with a second-hand product, then get GTX 750 Ti which is still reliable to run many games even in 1080p.