Graphics Card you can really upgrade with the better option

PC gamers always need the strongest component for their machine, and it's not only about motherboard, processor, or whatever that is, but also video card as the heart of that machine so you can feel like true "winner" when having the best computer on your side.

Beside the graphics card you also need decent RAM and also storage, which is SSD for this case since ordinary hard disk is too slow for modern gaming.

Back to GPU as the component, this could be more than a half part for your machine as an entire system.

So it makes sense people focus to change their GPU first for gaming, even though in special case, they also need to change their power supply. Also it must be ensured if the newer video card is more powerful than the previous product.

Obviously many product to choose in this 2024, and if money is not problem, then the product below is nice as recommendation.

Surely people have their own target when to change the video card product, maybe once in three years, five or even once a year.

That said, mentioned previously, always aim for better product that you can use, especially the component below that must be made into the consideration with complete.

It's always fun to start the list with RTX 3060 which is known for its extremely big memory size.

And for the high end product expect that it gives the latest DLSS feature for gamers and more flexibility for them to adjust the graphics setting.

RX 6650 XT could be put into list, but beside the price, also mind about the "extra" power it needs, 175 watts.

This will be a good choice if you see yourself as a fan of AMD instead of Nvidia. Also for the performance this is not what you can take it easy.

RTX 3070 is exciting choice, basically if you don't mind with the high price of the product and also its max TDP. As the reliable mid range product then many 1080p games can be run without any issue.

Fortunately the prices of the product dropped a little from what we can see so consider this too.

Apparently, the more we go further, the consumption of the card looks higher. Well it makes sense since the product in this list is at mid range product which takes more power than the low entry gpu.

Now if you need Graphics Card which takes less power consumption then visit the given recommendation.