Prepare to run Senua's Saga II games with good Graphics Card

Unlike Sony, Microsoft do no really have much memorable first party games.

Forza and Halo series maybe are just best example, but outside of those games, it does not look that much.

Now with the good news for many gamers who expected the games, and they have seen them through the latest screenshot and video trailer.

The Senua's Saga II will come to PC, and it should look more demanding for gamers. And as usual, prepare the PC machine to run the games with optimal.

It is expected to have the best visual for the latest gen, and yes expect that a strong machine to run this games.

With the Unreal Engine as the engine that powers the games, it should present the most optimal graphics for your gaming.

Surely it's still available for "low end" gaming computer of course on lower resolution, so this is what you need to prepare.

I5 8400 is needed to play the games on 1080p low, and either RX 5700 or Arc A580 or GTX 1070.

For 1080p medium, stronger graphics card is needed, and here the games recommend RX 5700 XT or RTX 2070.

For higher resolution then the requirement is even higher definitely and in this case use RTX 3080 and RX 6800 XT as the recommended video card.

Definitely many gamers especially the enthusiast can play the games on high 4K, and expect RTX 4080 or RX 7900 XTX to play this games.

A competitive gamer may need the RX 7900 XTX which is so strong for 4K resolution, and basically this card will strong enough for next few years given how good the basic specification and its performance in overall. And with 24 Gb Vram, this could the biggest memory size from the AMD side. Surely if the 355 Watts max TDP does not concern you.

Now let's go to next requirement, RTX 4080 especially the Super edition.

The memory size maybe it's not as big as the previous option, but it still looks best for the 4K resolution. And many games won't that hard to run with the video card. Same with the card above, it takes a lot of power draw, or above 300 Watts which also need "high end" power supply.

And the forget that the games will come in the end of this month, so prepare the computer well to run the games.

So yes now finally with affordable Graphics Card which look far inferior from the choice above, maybe it's not good to play new Senua's Saga games, but on 720p why not try the product suggested above?.