Equip RX 6400 Graphics Card on better motherboard

The RX 6400 is already available for your 1080p graphics card, and outside of the specification, it's still best to have one especially if your current gpu is far worse for gaming.

Yes the Radeon RX 6400 is a nice option to have, and in low-end class, this product can shine so bright because of its performance.

Remember that it was not really made for low entry market due to the price range, above 200 dollars. But fortunately, the price is no longer that expensive hence you may need to have this as a new option.

More question surface about how well the performance of the video card for gaming.

In general. RX 6400 got slightly better specification than GTX 1650 which came few years before.

For the price range, seems that GTX 1650 is a little bit expensive than RX 6400.

Either way, both of the card is still reached by many budget gamers who still need a good performance from a video card without investing that much.

What should be highlighted is about the performance of the card to run in 1080p which is still decent.

And not just that but also of terms of efficiency where a cheap but good power supply can still handle the card due to its 53 Watt power draw.

And you can forget about the memory bus bit, and its DDR6 memory looks more interesting in this case.

The product is ideal for those who are into eSport where the games that are played are not demanding too much of visual, still with full HD resolution.

That said, for latest AAA games then expect this card to struggle, and it won't play the games on highest setting for sure.

Unlike GTX 1650, this RX 6400 is already for latest PCIe 4.0 technology. But on the other side, it will be a huge disadvantage for gamers with older motherboard.

Moreover, technically there should be performance loss when you use the card on old motherboard.

Site like Tech power up also reveals the performance loss up to 20 percent when they use the product on PCie 3.0 motherboard, instead of PCIe 4.0.

Surely this is what to note to get RX 6400 but you are motherboard does not support the more advanced PCIe slot.

Fortunately, not all games would be affected with that performance loss, and in many cases, you may not realize it at all.

So as expected, RX 6400 is not a bad product to have, and you are not gonna be disappointed if at first place you've found out the objective when buying this product.

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