Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card performance is still acceptable

Until this time we still anticipate about the presence from ARC 750 which is said can defeat RTX 3060, as well as competing against RTX 4090 in terms of content creation and multimedia.

We need to realize that a lot GPUs that can provide something amazing even for 4K, surely not for gaming purpose only.

You can test all the video card through the benchmark and watch each of the product's performance accurately.

With the test conducted by CapFrameX, the available Gpus have been tested with 8K resolution, and find surprising result.

Intel A770 can be so fast even when you compare it with something like RTX 4090, with stable 60 fps in 8K resolution. There's a difference between 0,1 fps but it should not bother you, and you must appreciate Intel since they are definitely new for this market.

On the contrary, RX 6800 XT "struggles" with fps around 55, and you can see the stuttering effect which is uncomfortable to see.

Of course we must rely for the result or performance for gaming instead of multimedia, and surely eventually we are gonna find the result.

But in general, Arc A770 can't catch up with RTX 4090, and UserBenchmark has made the list for that.

If you don't feel that happy about the test above, let's move on to actual test in YouTube, and the result would become something acceptable.

In Forza Horizon 5, both gpus can reach 80 fps with RTX 3070 can reach even higher.

In 1440p high settings both of cards struggle and can score above 30 fps.

It's not wrong if you think that this Arc's performance is closer to RTX 3070 instead of RTX 4090.

And last in Red Dead Redemption 2, still with 1440p high, get solid 60 fps for both product.

In some cases, there are drop in frame rate, but once again the result from Arc Intel graphics card is still acceptable.

So what do you think?, is Intel new video card great choice for you or not?. Or maybe you will stick with AMD or Nvidia who are already proven for video card.

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