When you need to pick a side to get a new Graphics Card

While building the computer, or when you want to get a laptop for the gaming, choosing the video card model or series is one of priority. It's also possible when you can't choose between AMD or Nvidia, and let's talk more about that "debate" below.

Arguably, Nvidia is more popular compared to their biggest, or only competitor, AMD. Of course when you don't want to include Intel who just launched some of exciting graphics card product.

Even though AMD already equipped most of their high end product with bigger Vram, somehow most enthusiasts have chosen their side with Nvidia.

So let's go deeper about this and your can read our "opinion" and see what kind of product to get from now.

Let's start from the driver problem, even though both companies can't be separated from issue regarding their product driver, it seems that AMD often face such problem.

Sometime it's so bad and causes blue screen, but of course you can roll back and use the older driver.

Without a doubt the video card product made by Nvidia also come with exciting feature.

Surely, some people tend to side with AMD because their product relatively look cheaper. But it is true if Nvidia could be a step forward because of their innovative product.

The best example to see if surely the Ray Tracing, as a feature released in 2019, and can be found on high end Geforce video card only.

It's not hard to think if you are looking for more features than stick with Nvidia side.

Flexibility is also key here when you can use the product not just for gaming, but also for streaming, video editing and more.

Still, you can do a lot of things when you are having a AMD video card with the latest update. When you find stuttering, low frame rate sometimes that component can't be completely blamed.

Once again, whatever the side you want to take, remember you choose a component based on what you need.

And it seems that you can sell a used Nvidia card with the more reasonable price.

Now when you can definitely see that the technology of a gpu is getting better and better, the comparison between AMD and Nvidia seem no longer relevant anymore.

The latest product with such component will help greatly, and obviously stronger graphics card also mean that you can play all of latest games with more comfortable.

Finally if your old graphics card is still strong enough then you have less reasons to get or upgrade your PC component from now.

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