Let's see closer the RTX 3050 6Gb Graphics Card

Finally we can see that Nvidia is gonna release the RTX 3050 with the 6Gb version.

Basically it was a rumor, but turned out that Nvidia is gonna present this as your alternative for the mid range market, and it already features with Ray Tracing. Surely you want to see what it can bring especially for the more features and a lot of things about it.

With only 6Gb, it is smaller than the standard 8Gb version which came first January last year.

Furthermore, it comes with some "reduction" here and there that can definitely affect the performance of the card.

And it's gonna be 96-bit instead of 128-bit as the result of smaller Vram.

Surely the specification is still more than enough, still when you consider the market from this RTX product. Surely it would be better than a product made for entry level.

Given the full performance of this product, expect for the reasonable power consumption as well, and it may really a hungry-power product like the rest of RTX video card. Basically the more powerful gpu also needs the more power consumption.

Given the time of the release date, it could the "present" from Nvidia for all of PC gamers.

Specifically, a gamer who needs strong gpu product for gaming with reasonable price, and surely the less power hungry product too. Therefore upgrading the power supply is not necessary when they can use this better as their new component. Moreover, if you are not happy with something cheap such as GT 1030 or RX 550 then the RTX 3050 looks a huge improvement over those choice.

Surely you can find a lot of variants from the RTX 3050 in market today with different retailer and slightly different on specification in general.

For you who still feel if RTX 3000 series is still incomplete, then the present of this card can fill in for that purpose and you may not underestimate it.

Now talking about boost clock and a lot of factors regarding specification, definitely they are not gonna be the bigger problem as the whole picture.

But this 6Gb version, once again, does look inferior than the normal version, since the memory bus size has been cut to 96 bit version, and for some reason the impact may look worse as the card won't be too strong.

So what do you think??, well if this option best graphics cards under $100 attract your attention then simply visit it.