AMD released GPU Detective for specific Graphics Card

Good news for AMD users since GPU Detective has been released made for people who want to investigate in case their graphics card is facing a problem.

It's no longer a secret if the driver for AMD Gpu always has problem once in a while.

In regard of problem above, this features is released and it also sounds promising to use, especially for gamers who use video card from AMD side.

It is expected the tool can detect and give the best solution for the driver problem. In short this tool is named "RGD".

According to official source, this is the first person released for AMD users, and it's not only for driver error definitely

As the latest tool from AMD, the benefits are not only for gamers, but also for developers in reducing greatly the problem with games and application.

It can help analyze the dump error, as well as giving a hint about the problem the users may face. Note this this application is only available in certain series, RX 7000 and RX 6000.

It's so easy to use the tools, and in the following you can simply find the steps for that.

First run the application and make sure the icon is on and connected.

Now choose the crash analysis, and run the games while the tool is active.

Should the games crashes, then the specific file will come out.

And that's it, you can see the problem until the root when you use such feature.

Certainly you can expect the tool to assist you as gamer, and minimize the potential of crash, and start the feature if you have the specific video card supported with it.

Of course, crash while playing the games is just one from problem. And another common problem you can also face is the higher temperature of the GPU. Definitely, the over limit temperature may shorten the lifespan from the product.

Many gamers may have different opinion about ideal temperature from the GPU to play games. About 60 Celsius to 70 Celsius is fine, or even higher. But when the GPU shows above 80 Celsius, then it should be early warning for you.

In my case, the use of cheap power supply may also affect to temperature, as well as the lack of enough space, or the bad management of cables inside the computer. But when i changed the power supply unit, the temperature showed the more normal number.

Whatever it is you still need Best Graphics Card Under 100 just as explained there.