Resident Evil 4 Remake brings a lot of best changes

Can you really make something perfect to be more perfect?, well for Resident Evil 4 Remake the answer is obviously yes. Remaking an old games can be seen as another way for publisher to make quick cash since the old games is already popular before.

But that's not the case with RE4 games since you can feel that it's a new games that still respect a lot of things that make the games so popular before. Now with the new formula, see what this games can bring to gamers.

Surely RE 4 Remake is not your ordinary remake. Capcom is "crazy" enough to change many aspect inside the games, and once again, keep the things that make the original games become a legendary title.

Let's go back to the original RE 4 where it was introduced with unique camera or perspective behind the shoulder, which was followed later with title like Gear war series and Dead Space. Unlike the previous series, the games "contains" with more action rather than horror.

Yes Resident Evil 4 original was the new standard when it was released in Gamecube. And it can't be denied about its popularity hence you the remake edition is made.

In terms of story, almost no significant change you can find. But of course, if you play the original version you can notice the difference here and there.

Your main character is still Leon whose task is to save Ashley Graham.

Missing in Europe, Leon set his journey to the village with full of mysteries. Rather than peaceful villagers, what he faces is a nightmare.

Turns out Los Illuminados is the organization behind the nightmare that haunts the village, where their people have been affected with Las Plagas parasites.

Surely the visual or graphics is not the only thing Capcom has upgraded.

Still with RE Engine, which is also powered another games from the same developer, once again Capcom manage to present the games with best visual ever.

For the character model, it's the same with RE2 Remake that looks more realistic.

Certainly it gives fresh experience without forgetting the root of the games.

You can still find the iconic places and best moment inside the games. Whatever the original games has achieved, this remake can make it even better.

Unlike the original games, every places in this games feel connected to each other. Plus with many places that you can explore as a gamer.

Of course as a games, you can find many "absurd" things within, such as chicken that can lay golden egg, parry the chainsaw with just a knife and more. Definitely you can have so much fun playing the games despite the genre.

A lot of things change in this remake, yet the veteran gamers do not need to feel worry since many things that can bring the new standard to excite you.

In the end, despite its position as a survival horror games, gamers who love shooter games in general will love RE4 Remake even more.

With the time to beat for more than 10 hours, it's ideal and not too short like the previous Resident Evil 3 Remake released before.