Intel Arc A770 Graphics Card is officially discontinued

Regardless the short period from the release of Arc A770 the limited edition from Intel, apparently the production from this component has been stopped. Fortunately the standard edition is still available to get from the market.

Moreover, it's such a waste considering the high Vram from the card. But don't worry since the standard version has the same memory amount, but in overall, it's slower than the special or limited edition.

For more detail, PC gamer reported that the product indeed is no longer in production, even though its big memory could help many content creator as well as gamers.

The limited edition was manufactured by vendor such Gunnir and Acer, before it was stopped by Intel.

There is no official statement, but it's assumed that the sales of the product can't cover the production cost which is so unfortunate.

Officially, the distribution from the video card known with "alchemist" code is already stopped starting from June this year.

For whatever reasons, this news feels so sudden, and may disappoint gamers who always seek for a video card with bigger memory to own.

That said, Intel may focus to develop another flagship product which is probably known as Battlemage that could be released on the next year.

Perhaps, Intel got idea to inject AI into their product, who knows anyway?.

For specification, some noticeable differences you can see is the bandwidth which is larger and also the faster memory clock. With 2187 MHz, it's nine percent faster than ordinary version, with bandwidth which is faster a few percents as well.

With the minor improvement here and there, the power consumption is still the same, above 200 watts, which is large but is still reasonable for its class.

Beside Gunnier and Acer, some vendors that manufactured this special edition is Asrock, with all of them have the same specification, and difference is only on design. And all of the retail version look rather slow than the the card released directly by Intel.

For the performance, you can quite confidently say that if Arc A770 may surpass the like of Radeon VII and Titan X Pascal. With its closer performance with RX 6600 and 6500 XT, it could be the new chance to test what the product from Intel can produce.

Finally as a video card made to boost the performance of your gaming computer, no wonder it has best specification, but you must sacrifice more money to get it, not to mention the high max TDP.

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