See about gtx 650 ti boost Graphics Card for more

The release date from GTX 650 Ti that came in 2012 is surely not really bad thing at all, given what the gpu will do for many games.

Of course you must forget to use this for a games like Cyberpunk or a latest upcoming games like Forsaken that requires RTX series.

This GTX card got so large bandwidth with 86.40 GB/s, and it should make sense given it was created for mid end market.

But of course all of the specification it has because of the market it was intended, the gpu can reach high power, and with 110 W you must really consider whether to use it inside computer or not.

Following the release of Titan, unlike this high end video card, GTX came as a more mainstream product for gamer. Moreover, you can also find big difference with this and GTX 660 as the higher series.

The Boost version is also available, where most specification are basically same with standard edition, but it will come with bigger memory thus it will not feel too outdated.

Back then AMD got powerful mainstream GPU such as HD 7790 and also HD 7850, so it was hoped that it could face those product.

It makes sense, since GTX 650 Ti was released right after AMD HD 7790.

As a gamer we need to find out the performance of the Boost edition compared to ordinary version. To be honest it's hard to find the best information about this since the video card is quite old.

The GK106 is the brain which is same with Ti version and also GTX 660. Of course the amount of Cuda cores are quite big given its class and other specification, and also big bandwidth because of the 192 bit version.

Due to dual slot as cooling model of the card, the Boost may resemble the look of GTX 660 and GTX 670. And with this model, consider the space it will take within the case. Plus no noticeable noise to hear thanks to the cooling system it got.

Moreover, by getting the info above, once again be aware about its power consumption and obviously a cheap power supply that does not provide additional power connector won't work. You need at least 450W power supply unit and it must be a quality one.

Moreover, the choice above may not really a good and ideal to use, so visit Best Graphics Card Under 100 Dollars and in the end with many product to choose from, play games as supposedly.