GTX 1650 Graphics Card can't do best for 1440p resolution

After the trend of crytomining which becomes less and less popular, most people can see that this is the time in getting new video card. But beware that not too buy used product that have been used for the practice above.

Many gamers definitely need to use the right series of gpu regardless of their budget. And due to the "normal" price, it should be better to buy a new one instead of second hand.

Plus with normal price no chance for certain people to mark up the price. Either way, it's a good news for a gamer.

Now show your attention to GTX 1650 from nvidia which can be seen as a mid range product.

Outside of the affordable price, the GTX 1650 is more than reliable for 2022 and the next year. So let's see many factors that support the claim in this following article.

It was first released with 4Gb DDR5 before Nvidia "updated" the card with 4Gb DDR6. Technically the DDR6 is better than previous version and apparently it would be hard to get the older version as well.

Comes with decent core and memory clock, and also large bandwidth even though it's just a 128 bit video card.

In term of specification, GTX 1650 will be head to head with RX 6400 from AMD, and is slower than RX 6500. Surely with the price for performance RX 6400 looks better but go anyway with GTX 1650 which can perform slightly better.

Moreover on the latest version the GTX 1650 DDR6 does not bring hardware encoder, and the requirement of PCie 4.0 version will give another problem for people with older motherboard. After all this is a mid end product.

Of course gamers can still use the card with PCie 3.0 or 2.0, but expect to feel the loss of performance from this GTX 1650.

Of course given the price (under 200 dollars), never hope the card to play games in 1440p resolution and 4K. It is made for 1080p for adjusted settings. That said, this GTX graphics card will still have trouble to run a demanding games and many ported games from Playstation consoles.

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