GTX 1650 was meant to replace GTX 950 Graphics Card

GTX 1650 maybe a relatively budget video card you can get now, which is intended to replace GTX 950, and surely this is stronger than GTX 1050 Ti or standard edition.

And the performance of the card can reach twice from the GTX 950.

Moreover, the card which is based on Turing has been claimed faster than GTX 1050 almost twice by Nvidia.

With 896 CUDA cores and the speed up to 1665 Mhz, it's been equipped with 128 bit bus, where it's bigger than GTX 1630 and RX 6400 with just 64 bit only.

When it came, GTX 1650 could be bough about 149 dollars with manufacturers that release the product from Colorful, Asus, Evga and many others.

And the Ti version comes for laptop only while the more expensive edition is available in "Super" and will be recommended if you are find with higher power consumption.

With the price range under 200 dollars the Tray Racing won't be found for this type of video card, or any other gimmick and features.

Of course for many competitive games this GTX 1650 will be even look more powerful cause those type of games are not graphics-demanding like Cyberpunk, thus gaining decent visual with optimal frame rate is possible.

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On the contrary, it will be harder for this graphics card to reach stable 60 fps for many AAA games if you put the settings to max. Of course the gamers who are used with 30 fps gaming won't feel trouble with this situation.

For the budget range you can also aim RX 550 and also GTX 1050 Ti which is cheaper and also weaker. But if you want to increase the price range then you can get the Super edition which is more powerful and superior than standard GTX 1650.

There was option for mobile with GTX 1650 Ti where later was replaced with RTX 3050 Mobile version/integrated. Surely if you want to spend or invest more than the GTX 1660 is the closest option to get.

Talking about GTX 1650 can't be separated from its popularity in Steam survey and it managed to win in November this year. And this component beat GTX 1060 which was one of popular enough before.