You can dominate 1440p gaming with RX 6750 XT Graphics Card

In Mei 2022 AMD gave their breakthrough with the launch of RX 6750 XT alongside RX 6650 XT and 6950. Surely those product are powerful and good enough thanks to high clock implemented by AMD to the product, plus they are already equipped with latest RDNA 2 architecture.

You can count on this latest architecture where it got many best features from Anti-Lag, Infinity Cache and more.

This series has been intended for high end & not the best gpu under 100 dollars choice, and of course toward gamers who want to make 1440p as the new resolution.

And as can be hoped from RX 6000 series where AMD are able to present with nice gaming performance and won't disappoint you.

One of the difference to see from its predecessor is faster gpu clock and of course the memory speed.

And plus more Tflops and same compute unit.

AMD show the benchmark test from Techpowerup from Asus Strict OC product.

And one of gaming test is AC Valhalla which is made based on AnvilNext 2 engine. The RX 6750 XT got no problem running the games in 1440p and can even reach above 70 fps. You can still expect best visual even though when you don't use Ray Tracing feature.

Of course for gamers who love the WW2 settings then they could try and test Battlefield V. The game itself powered with Frostbite.

Thanks to the power RX 6750 XT has, the gaming test of the Battlefield V can reach about 170 fps, still with 1440p. Hence it can beat the competitor in the same class.

Next test Forza Horizon 5 which a fun racing games that takes Mexico as the playground.

As predicted, the card can show the raw power just like the two games tested above. And for this games the frame rate can reach above 90 fps.

Finally you can see this gpu product as one of the best for 1440p gaming, if not the best. Surely for many AAA games.

And last this article will be more complete when you use RE Village as the last test basically with the same resolution.

The Capcom's games that uses RE engine can gain best visual as possible, and with first person setting, the game itself will look more terrifying than your other games.