This Graphics Card can take over GTX 1060's throne

Sooner or later the position of GTX 1060 as most popular graphics card will be taken over by another series. Surely for years GTX 1060 has made its name for such title, but eventually the title will go another card and we are gonna predict it here in this article.

It's already six years since the card was released, and for many reasons GTX 1060 becomes favorite of many gamers, but apparently it's just about time before another card from Nvidia to come up and gain the title as most popular product.

According to Steam survey, in this September RTX 3060 showed significant improvement in terms of popularity.

We may assume that the decreasing price from RTX 3060 due to the falling down of crypto currency can become crucial factor here.

Moreover, Nvidia just announced that they are gonna release the variant from RTX 4080 and RTX 4090.

However, given the some high end video card from Nvidia are still so expensive, it won't be soon enough to see the status of GTX 1060 falling down.

Moreover, with such a big size of memory, it can be so attractive to enthusiast. Maybe it already shows its age with the use of DDR5 while the latest weaker gpu such as RX 6400 comes with DDR6.

As a product made for enthusiast in general, it's reasonable we expect more for its specification. And you won't get disappointed to see what's inside the brain of the card.

But the 120 W rated power can be a let down when there's a new released GTX 1650 super with lower consumption.

For test of gaming, like Horizon Zero Dawn (2020) with high and FSR ultra in 1080p, it can gain 60 fps and more.

For Days Gone in very high settings 1080p it's so easy for GTX 1060 to run the games and it can reach solid 60 fps.

Another game test with solid result is Call of Duty Vanguard with more than 60 fps.

Thus realize that GTX 1060 is best for 1080p and the reason it can stand for years as most popular product.

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