Recommended Graphics Card to choose for September 2022

As you all know we almost reach the end of September 2022, so let's celebrate it by mentioning some recommended cheap Graphics Card that can help you in getting better level in gaming.

Even though many integrated come with better power at this time, by using the external card you will get extra performance especially if you want to invest a little more.

Hence inside the list below find one that suits you in terms of performance and also the price.

The GT 1030 is surely always the first recommendation, and it fits most for many budget gamers who are not ready to become enthusiast and spend a lot of money for a GPU. Plus with 2Gb memory, it's still best at least for many online games that are not demanding.

For you who never tried the card before, it's still best for 720p and also 1080p. You can enjoy running Apex Legends in 900p and something like Tower of Fantasy in higher resolution.

But a gamer must be careful and only choice the DDR5 variant, not the DDR4 or else you will feel disappointed for its performance.

Now let's switch to GTX 1050 Ti, and after years have passed when the video card was released, The price of the card was still high. But now you can breath a little if you want to get this GTX 1050 Ti since the price is a little bit cheaper because of over supply.

The GTX 1050 Ti is the most exciting choice if you want to upgrade from low entry 1Gb video card to a 4Gb. Now you can play in 1080p with smooth for many games such as Dark Soul series and Nioh series.

Next let's move to GTX 1650, still with 4Gb size but with DDR6 memory type. This is definitely one of the best choice, definitely not for 4K but for 1080p and lower. Not only gamers, a content creator can buy and use it as well.

Similar with other gpus, the price of this GTX 1650 is cheaper. For gamers who want to upgrade from GT 1030 or GT 710, this is a significant choice.