GTX 1050 Ti is the choice for a power Graphics Card

For an old video card that almost reaches 5 years the GTX 1050 Ti seems one of the best choice for gaming.

And with 4GB DDR5 memory, it looks best and ideal in the terms of specification. Surely it's something reasonable cause it was targeted for many enthusiast outside there.

This is the Ti version from GTX 1050, and surely it is slightly better and stronger. Even with 128 bit memory bus, it's powered up with large bandwidth rated at 112.1 GB/s.

It can definitely defeat older video card such as GTX 680 that has larger bandwidth and bigger bus, and also Radeon HD 7970.

Apparently GTX 1050 Ti is the successor from GTX 960 that was released two years before the release of this GTX 1050 Ti, and the difference in performance may reach 7 percent.

You can put the specification side by side and they look quite similar, for the bandwidth, core & memory clock, but the memory size is different with GTX 1050 Ti as better component here.

There are seven games we want you to see through the benchmark test uploaded by Gaming Test, here you go.

For the Witcher 3 games test, GTX 1050 Ti reaches around 50 fps while non Ti reaches 40 fps.

For Project Cars games the result is similar with the test above where there's 10 fps difference.

In Battlefield 1 GTX 1050 Ti can run the games optimally and almost reaches 60 fps, and the non Ti is stuck below 50 fps.

Similar with battlefield 1, fallout 4 is also game-optimized for PC. And even running in 1080p with decent settings, GTX 1050 Ti manages to reach above 60-70 fps, and GTX 1050 only reaches under 60 fps.

The other games tested in 1080p are GTA V, Mass Effect 4, and new Deus Ex games with the result like you have guessed, with GTX 1050 Ti as the winner than GTX 1050 version.

The difference may be not too drastic, but for gamers who think about fps is above everything then getting the Ti version is a must.

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