What to hope from TITAN X Pascal Graphics Card

Now focus to TITAN X Pascal and know about this for the recent performance, and this version is different than GTX Titan and is stronger.

With 384 bit memory bus, it allows Nvidia to equip this Titan card with large bandwidth.

Compared to the "X" version and the standard Titan, you can notice that the Pascal version is like the overclocked version from main product it's based on. Pascal also got larger size of memory with 16Gb compared with standard Titan with 6Gb only.

The significant improvement over the bandwidth should give the GTX Pascal to give better performance as well.

Released in 2016, it came three years after GTX Titan and one year after GTX Titan X.

And just like the Titan series, all of them were priced around 1000 dollars. Well if you are tight on budget, try to see Best Graphics Card Under 100 before going further.

Interestingly, despite of the better performance from the Pascal version, the power draw is same with the standard version, 250W with the requirement of 1x 6-pin + 1x 8-pin.

For the reference edition of GTX Titan Pascal, the color is solid black instead of the standard silver as the main "trademark" from the Nvidia high end series.

And closest video card that can match the performance from Titan Pascal is GTX 1080 Ti and also Radeon VII, and is twice better than GTX 1060, where both card are also high end product aimed for the enthusiast.

Interestingly we found no retail version of this pascal version, and the one you can find commonly is just the standard version.

That said the original GTX Titan is still enough for 1080p games, but for 4K surely you aim for something stronger.

For 4K performance in some games is good enough, the best example is The Witcher 3 with ultra setting, and in such resolution it can gain above 30 fps.

COD Warzone still looks great with lower resolution, in 1080p ultra with frame rate almost reaches 90 fps.

For a more optimized games like GTA V, run the games in very high setting (4K), and get solid 60 fps.

And last for AC Valhalla games the Titan Pascal is best at 1080p high with the frame rate that can reach almost 60 fps.