Thing that makes GTX 750 Ti as a legendary Graphics Card

GTX 750 Ti is definitely the best a budget gamer could get, and even modern graphics card have surfaced like GT 1030 or RX 550, this GTX 750 Ti is still something a user may consider to weaponize his gaming computer.

Base and boost clock maybe looks like the above graphics card, but GTX 750 Ti got larger bandwidth than GT 1030 that can give room for this component to optimize the performance for gaming.

That said, for the performance, GTX 750 ti can beat RX 550 even though this RX has larger bandwidth.

But also aware about the consumption of the card around 60 Watts where RX 550 requires 50 Watts and GT 1030 even less with just 30 Watts. All of them do not require any power connector.

Back then, it was still a standard and was used as minimum requirement for games like NFS Payback, and it's needed to play the games in 720p at 30 fps.

Released in 2014, back then for a gamer with tight budget, he could complete their PC with something great that boost the whole power of their gaming system.

From the Maxwell family series, you can also find most product equipped for mobile type or laptop. Nevertheless it's the GTX 750 Ti that can still shine the most due to the power it brings.

The gpu is still better than HD 6870 and Radeon HD 4870 X2. That said, the common comparison is still with Radeon RX 550.

Let's the fight begin by comparing it with RE 3 Remake in 1080p normal settings, and both got similar result around 40 fps.

Next with Cyberpunk games which is heavy run, thus lower the resolution to 720p and try the lowest setting as well, and in this case, the game can reach decent frame rate with GTX 750 Ti below 50 fps, and RX 550 around 40 fps.

The most satisfying result is probably with GTA V where players can run the games in 1080p high settings, and they can still get decent frame rate. GTX 750 Ti almost reaches 60 fps, while RX 550 is still good with the fps around 40 fps.

Both product can be included inside Best Graphics Card Under 100 list, so get further reading another article from us.