GT 730 vs GT 1030: ideal Graphics Card choice for 720p

Both GT 730 and GT 1030 are not mid or high end graphics card, so obviously you can't expect them run a lot of games in 1080p with decent settings.

That said, you can rely on those GPUs if you are still fine to run the games in 720p resolution. So keep on reading and see what both product can offer.

GT 730

This product is one of the most popular graphics card for entry level. Surely for many games that do not demand a lot of power from the Gpu, except for some games like Red Dead Redemption or Cyberpunk 2077 which are to "heavy" to run by this GT 730.

That said, the specification GT 730 has should be ideal for gamers who want to play less intense games.

Moreover, it's available with DDR3 and DDR5 memory. Of course for the best option you must get is the DDR5 version.

From the video above notice that GT 730 DDR3 and DDR5 are powered with the same number of GPU clock, pixel & texture rate, shaders and memory size. But the DDR5 version comes with faster memory clock and larger bandwidth than the DDR3 version.

For the gaming test, both GT 730 DDR3 and DDR5 can't run Cyberpunk 2077 games properly, with the frame rate under 15 fps. And the result is pretty much same with Days Gone and Forza Horizon 5 games.

But for GTA V games you can still rely on GT 730, with the DDR5 reaches almost 100 fps and the DDR3 almost reaches 50 fps in the benchmark test (720p normal settings).

GT 1030

Perhaps you can consider the GT 1030, beside RX 550 as the "king" of 720p gaming. In fact, if you like to search about the best graphics card for 720p resolution then GT 1030 is one of the most recommended.

Obviously if you want to max out the games settings and gain more solid frame rate for 720p, you need to choose GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1650 that has faster specification.

But for the price range and the specification it offers, GT 1030 is more reasonable to choose.

Unlike the GT 730 above, GT 1030 can show more satisfying result.

Forza Horizon 5 for example, can be run smooth in 720p medium, with frame rate around 50 fps.

Days Gone, same with others PlayStation games that are brought by Sony to Windows like Spider-Man, and Horizon Zero Dawn, can't be run too well by the video card. To get frame rate above 40 fps, you must set the settings to low.

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GT 730 vs GT 1030, which is more recommended?

Surely you already know the answer, so get GT 1030 if you want to run the games in 720p with optimal frame rate, unless for some games that are too heavy to handle by many entry level video cards such as Uncharted, Cyberpunk, and Days Gone.

But for more affordable option, GT 730 DDR5 is still recommended, and are still best for older titles or 2D games, or games that are more friendly for low end computer.


GT 1030 is the winner here and surely you need to avoid GT 730 unless you are really tight on budget, so also visit this Best Graphics Card Under 100 later.