RX 550 Graphics Card price was below 100 dollars in 2017

We can verify Radeon RX 550 as one of most recommended video card ever, surely for 720p, 768p and 1080p in some games.

This product is often compared with GT 1030 while in fact, RX 550 is slightly better.

Surely the GT 1030 is something as "benchmark" for RX 550 since both card came to us in 2017.

One thing that is different from GT 1030 is, RX 550 got significant bandwidth since it got 128 bit.

Moreover, RX 550 is right to be compared with GTX 750 Ti cause those are "classified" as something friendly for your power supply with their efficient power consumption. With 50 W it does not even need power connector, but if you want something low in term of consumption then GT 1030 is better and the its price seems more affordable.

RX 550 can fight side by side with something like GT 1030 and GTX 750 ti, and test it with something such as Days Gone in 720p resolution. Except, GT 1030, those card can maintain around 40 fps with smooth.

In GTA V RX 550 and GT 1030 gain similar result with 40 fps while GTX 750 Ti shows its raw power here.

For Hitman 3 test, all of the cards can run it even though they fail to reach 60 fps.

Similar case with Far Cry 5 where the benchmark result is not too different in 1080p with result around 30 fps or low.

In last test with RE 8 Village, RX 550 can shine and almost reached 60 fps while GT 1030 struggles and even failed to reach 30 fps.

The difference with GT 1030 can reach 30 percent which can be significant when you are playing games. Surely even 10 or 15 frame rate per second still counts, especially when the games is heavy to run at first place.

Interestingly it's also better than HD 7790, which was a mainstream video card back then, and also stronger than HD 7750 and 7770 which was popular at priced around 100 dollars. But it's far slower than GTX 590 we mentioned some days ago.

Nonetheless, now RX 550 has been crowned as one of the best for such price range.

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