GTX 670 Graphics Card can perform best regardless age

Let's see about GTX 670 which has been referred from many games as something that is recommended such as "Dark Dreams Don’t Die", Rainbow Six Siege.

And also the minimum requirement for Street Fighter V and Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite games.

The specs it brings is something great, and it can still beat a graphics card that comes later such as GTX 1630 and GTX 1050 or also GTX 750 Ti.

It was launched at 399 USD in 2012, so you know about the position of this card and what it should bring. In fact, it was made as high end gpu.

For Forza Horizon 5, it's still easy for this GTX to handle the games with the frame rate around 40 fps.

In Fornite 1080p high, it can get around 50 fps.

In League of Legends, 1080p max settings, the frame rate can reach above 500 fps.

Once again try the games in 1080p with the Witcher 3, and GTX 670 can gain decent fps above 40 fps.

The 2Gb DDR5 may laughable if we see its position, but in 2012 it was great enough, and all of the games released back then were not that heavy like today. But if you want, you can try the video card confidently in 1080p and adjust the in games settings that suits your favor.

As part of GTX 600 series, some of interesting gpu can also be found here such as GTX 650 Ti, GT 640 and GTX 660.

For the retail version it seems that no low profile edition is available with all the card released got big size with the variation between one fan, two fans and even three fans.

The gpu clocks from the product also varies from 915 MHz as the slowest such as GTX 670 DirectCU II from Asus, and 1020 MHz from MSI with their GTX 670 Power Edition.

But in term of design we like the GTX 670 White Shark from Colorful with unique combination of black and white color. GTX 670 Jetstream from Palit also looks exclusive with the golden color.

170 Watt is what the draws from the power supply, and you can guess that it definitely needs connector, which is 2x 6-pin.

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