Resident Evil 4 Remake won't have much of QTE

Quick Time Event is something popular back then, and maybe today where you can feel like in action movies or something like that.

A games like Asura's Wrath uses the QTE features as something to "sell" for the games. And as explained above, it can give you unique experience through the cinematic in-games cut scene.

That said, the QTE is no longer relevant for gaming today, even for many games with interactive story as the games mechanic.

If you ever play the original version from Resident Evil 4, then surely you know that there are some quick time even in certain event or cut scene inside the games. Apparently the games developer are not that interested to implement such feature inside the games.

IGN just released the latest interview with the developer about "new approach" taken by Capcom for their latest RE series. And for more specific, it is mentioned that the games will come with less QTEs.

Thus you don't need to worry about the requirement to press controller button when the event appears on the screen.

That said, in some situation gamers must react quickly since the QTE are still present in this games.

Nonetheless, receive the good news here since the games will come next year in march. Surely we can hope that it can be one of the best games in 2023 despite the QTE it brings.