The complete features from Asus VE278Q gaming monitor

Asus VE278Q features six video modes preset ranging from standard to night view and game mode. By using a hotkey, you can utilize the function of the features.

The monitor color panel can allow you adjusting brightness settings and temperature.

Let's talk again about the speaker quality of Asus VE278Q which only 3W for each side. Perhaps the quality sound may not be too good which is why you must use external speakers for the better experience.

For the PIP option, by using it you can make as a secondary monitor, where you can even allow adjusting the size. Even though it's not a main feature, it will be benefit for a user who tends to do multi tasking.

Even though you are able taking control of the monitor you just bought, similar to other product, the factory reset can always be your helper.

The black color as you might notice is quite good. This color is important especially when you want to play games all a day.

Not to mention about the quick fast response time so it can help boost gaming experience since you won't find any lag.

The problem with the monitor of course, it may too big if you want to use it to work, but of course, the big 1080p resolution makes it easier for user to use.

Yes even though Asus VE278Q looks not attractive in term of design, it does not mean it can be yours to have. Watching how strong the product looks, it seems that this monitor can last forever.