Why Asus VE278Q is quite recommended for users?

If you want to upgrade a monitor to a new one then Asus VE278Q is one of the best choice for users. In here find why it's quite recommended, maybe because it uses LED screen or maybe because its fast response time?.

Obviously a lot of people have changed their monitor to a better one. The era of monitor with resolutions lower than 720p is already gone with the presence of better product, not to mention about their quality.

In terms of design, maybe this Asus monitor won't shine, plus it may not look too attractive. The bezel used by the monitor is not thick either. The total weight of this product may reach more than five kg.

Another unique features from Asus VE278Q is it's completed with enhanced light option that can reduce the consumption of power depending of the light of your room. In fact, it can save power more than twenty percent.

The surrounding surface of monitor are not dust free, fortunately the surrounding color of black bezel does not reflect.

As a monitor of course Asus VE278Q is featured with complete port. You can find even a display port that means you can connect a high end graphics card to this monitor. Another feature is the rated stereo internal 3W speakers.

For changing the monitor settings, the available button is quite refreshing since it does not use standard button and it also has support for PIP settings.

Of course once you want to see more pictures of this monitor then simply visit YouTube and find whether it's the best for you.