The thing Asus VE278Q monitor is lacking most

Asus VE278Q for the technique side is not the best gaming monitor made by this vendor. Furthermore, you will have time adjusting the best color setting that can produce the possible best image for you to enjoy playing the games with optimal experience.

Of course no product is perfect. Well the common problem you can find by using this monitor is the inconsistency in terms of back-lighting. The black color does not look as it should which make you feel not too happy when you are playing games with darker environment like Alien Isolation.

On the contrary, with 2ms rated response time, this could be Asus VE278Q best thing for all of gamers. Moreover, you will get excited playing games that require fast response time for the sake of gaming experience like first person shooter and racing games like Need for Speed and Grid. However, don't expect the small power integrated speakers used by the monitor will give you cinematic and powerful experience.

The last let's see what makes Asus VE278Q a better choice or a bad choice for gamers. Therefore find the pros and cons of this product below:

Well for a large size monitor, the price range put by Asus is relatively affordable. It's completed by integrated speakers which is almost hard to find somewhere else. Not to mention about the PIP features and the DP connector that can be linked to high end video card.

The cons is of course the internal speakers which are not strong enough and the little issue that might spoil the quality image of the monitor, back-lighting.