See RX 6400 Graphics Card from Asus and its best thing

Power up your gaming PC with the use of RX 6400 from Radeon.

Yes this video card has been presented for standard 1080p gaming that can reach more affordable gamers, not to mention the low power that it draws.

Another product from we like is from Asus with the unique design and better cooling system.

As usual, product from Asus is known for its longevity hence expect for the longer lifespan.

Announced at 2022, as mentioned above, RX 6400 was targeted for the more mainstream market, without losing much of performance.

Even though no longer the standard resolution, 1080p is still decent for gaming, and the card is right to use for that resolution.

It does not matter whether you are more into competition, or you are just a single player gamer. You need a component that can support and it must be a good one.

Asus for this case released two version for their RX 6400, Phoenix and Dual edition.

For Dual version, two fans are equipped to distribute air right into heat sink, hence the name.

With special technology, the fan will stop running when the temperature of the GPU is not too high. Well this make the product has less noise than the standard video card with fans.

And obviously the fans will start spinning when the gaming activity is more intense.

The card is clocked at 2039 MHz and it can be increased because of the boost feature.

Remember that the graphics card is equipped already with GDDR6 type with 4Gb memory size. The 64bit bus may seem cut the power of the GPU though but it should not be a bigger case with the product.

For the product physically, the back plate behind the product can add new motive that look good enough.

Still about the design, the Asus RX 6400 design also looks similar with another card in this entry.

Importantly, product from Asus including this RX 6400 is also known for its high quality, and you can use it as long as possible.

Build upon AMD Rdna architecture, surely the product has been featured with the best thing like larger bandwidth, Infinity cache technology, and it is also supported with super resolution, and also the FSR technology for upscalling and increase your frame rate for playing games.

Finally as a relatively new product, RX 6400 is still best to give the best performance even though it's not as good as the product from the another series.

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