The era of GTX 1600 Graphics Card series is over

So it's official, and it's over for GTX 1600 series cause Nvidia will stop the production of this line up or series, and even though with its short lifespan, 5 years, that's enough to steal many gamers heart.

The best product must always find the end, and this is what we're about to see, and finally this video card series will be just beautiful memory.

It confirms about the rumor and we already told you about that before.

For the near future expect that the GTX 1600 series will enter their final lifespan because of the production is gonna be stopped.

Moreover, no more product for the line up, and it also marks the end of GTX era in general. So it's just GT series and of course RTX series that are still exist.

So prepare to say goodbye to GTX 1650, 1660, and 1630, and surely Nvidia already got plan to fill in the void left by those line up.

Basically Nvidia are just selling them until they run out of stock.

Once again this GTX 1600 line is full of exciting product, and it's not only GTX 1650 Super but also GTX 1660. And the latest series that is less popular is GTX 1630 that is made to face RX 6400.

Moreover it will be a terrible news for many budget gamers since Nvidia basically force them to get the TRX series, and those video card might be too strong for their need.

Surely in this inevitable solution this is the chance to get your favorite GTX 1600 series before they are completely discontinued.

The Super version from GTX 1650 is the most interesting one that resembles the performance a legendary video card like GTX 980, and its performance is also closer to GTX 1660.

Even though it's just basically a GTX 1650 product, expect the more powerful performance, and even its power consumption is quite high, 100W, compared with the standard version with just 75W.

Interestingly the Super edition is also sold with one fan as the cooler, that should be ideal enough for smaller case.

And also GTX 1660 that is released on same year with GTX 1650 Super, in 2019. At the time it released, it was made for performance segment market, but obviously it fails to catching up with latest "heavy" games that even need 8GB for the minimum requirement.

But 6GB does not look that bad, especially when you use one monitor only, and you don't expect to play at 4K resolution.

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