Play Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis with RX 460 Graphics Card

With the news of the latest series from FF VII Remake that finally comes to PC, despite its "delay", and the games have got so positive response from both gamers and reviewers.

The FF series especially the seventh series has become the main "foundation" from the entire series, and when the full remake was announced, you can basically guess the hype around it.

In case you're missing it, the Ever Crisis has been released but it's kind of disappointing.

But forget about that since the remake game version is what we actually after.

The FF VII Ever Crisis was first released on Android before it comes to PC, so see that it should not be so demanding for your gaming PC.

Yes it is already available on Steam for any region and it seems that it is not locked for certain region. And once again expect your computer to play the games without issue.

At least i3 3210 is needed for minimum cpu and the equal, and in this case you can use the AMD A8 7600.

As usual 8 GB Ram is the standard for gaming even in the practice the games won't really need that much of memory.

If your integrated card is Intel UHD 630 or Vega 8 then it should be enough. And for desktop gpu then you can use the GTX 750 as minimum requirement.

Of course the better and more power cpu is recommended, and her i5 6400 should be enough, or Ryzen 3 1200 to use as well.

For the recommended Graphics Card you can use to run FF VII Ever Crisis is between GTX 950, Arc A380, and RX 460. All of the gpu mentioned previously are not segmented or high end gpu, and just above the low entry product for its class. Moreover it seems that GTX 950 has been discontinued, but it was still a good product in its era.

Now let's talk about RX 460 that was a decent mid range video card released in 2016. The specification is best enough to know given its market. And for the performance, as you can see this RX card got same performance with the likes of GTX 950, GTX 660, and also slightly better than R7 265.

Either way if you want to enjoy the games then make sure the component you use is decent enough for that.

Well see that with Best Graphics Card Under 100 Dollars right here make this opportunity to find what's ideal for a gaming computer.