RTX 3060 is favorite Graphics Card voted by gamer last month

Let's review a little about RTX 3060 that becomes many favorite by gamers in last month, February, according to survey by Steam hardware.

That survey also show the changed in choice by many gamers about the component they like most.

Yes GTX 3060 came back and became favorite, so let's talk about this interesting topic further.

Instead of RTX 3060 version for mobile, the desktop version of the card is definitely more popular, and it won't be a shocking thing.

The popularity from the desktop version rose to 6,17 percent as it increased 1,19 percent. While the mobile version popularity decreased to 3,47 percent.

From data above you can sum up if graphics card for desktop is still more popular compared to gamers who use laptop to games.

The holiday season that is already over may also affect the survey, and it's no longer secret certain gamers use laptop to play games while in vacation since it's not practical to bring their own PC desktop.

Beside the survey for favorite video card for gaming last month, it's also shown about cpu with six cores that get more recognition and is recommended for more general use.

Still on the same survey, beside six cores processor, and the process with ten cores popularity also rose up.

Now let's go back with RTX 3060, since you can consider this as a mid end video card, you need appropriate cpu to pair with it.

Note that this video card is also offered with 12GB memory, but let's go specifically with the 8GB version.

Coming in last year, you can purchase it and it won't "damage" your bank account too much, given the price around 300 dollars or below.

For the retail version, unless Palit RTX 3060, all of the product come with two or three fans. If you love for design, the PNY and Maxsun look good enough. While Asus offer the white version of the card that looks so elegant.

All the retail version come with the same speed for the gpu clock, while the boost clock are not equal. Asus and Maxsun provided the RTX 3060 with the faster boost clock, and especially Asus with OC version that may give better experience.

Finally, as expected it's not hard to see this video card to use for a lot of games at 1080p. For God of War play the games at ultra with decent frame rate.

The same result for Red Dead Redemption 2 on ultra 1080p with 60 solid fps.

So for 1080p resolution you can actually get the option above, but also visit Best Graphics Card Under 100 Dollars in case if you want to get the more budget choice.