See what's next coming from RTX 4000 Graphics Card series

Time passes so fast and it's almost one year after the release from magnificent graphics card from Nvidia, RTX 4000, which is also known from Lovelace as its codename. It is said that this kind of product is also reliable for AI, so it's also interesting to see more about such aspect.

With this to help continue the domination from Nvidia in this class, and obviously they should have more ways for that thing.

Hopper or Blackwell could come as the new generation, and there's no need to guess more about what step that Nvidia is going to take.

2025 could be the year where the next graphics card from Nvidia is gonna be released, which is quite long hence you can keep the money from now.

And there's possibility to get the refresh edition, according to the roadmap in 2023.

And specifically for this year, gamers must feel satisfied with the refresh edition from the older card series.

You can expect for Ti edition or Super, and it should bring the bigger Vram.

Apparently the new generation can optimize for AI.

Certainly AI can't be separated with our current technology, but it's also the reason the implementation of such feature keep gamers and content creator away.

As a gamers we hope more from Nvidia to make graphics card only for gaming, without adding "useless" features that has nothing to do or improve gaming experience in general.

Of course, we may expect for the more affordable price from the current RTX generation, outside of the technical aspect definitely.

Moreover, many enthusiasts always try to get the more powerful product for their PC machine, and price is not the problem here.

The example generation from RTX 4000 series is RTX 4060, which is product optimized for performance, hence the specification that is so good for gaming. Released in 2023 surely no new card is made to replace this RTX product at least for some next years.

Memory size is big with 8Gb, but apparently it still looks less sufficient when you compare with the product on newer generation.

And for the performance you can that it can match almost 100 percent the performance from RX 7600 and RTX 2080.

All of the best performance from RTX 4060 must be compensated with higher consumption of power, with 115W max TDP. But again, if lack of money is not your problem then it's not the thing to worry about. And for 1080p gaming, it should run the games on all of the graphics settings to right or max out. 

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