Quick information from RTX 4060 Ti 8Gb edition Graphics Card

The specification of video card definitely is the thing you look most when buying this product, beside the price aspect of course. Now brace yourself to prepare the 16Gb edition from RTX 4060 Ti, but also expect the difference in price gap from the normal edition.

Surely this is a new weapon from Nvidia against the AMD side.

It was still a rumor, but finally it was indeed confirmed officially.

Sourced from VideoCarz where they found if the product will be released next month on this year.

The launch of RTX 4060 Ti was not expected, and Nvidia should have realized that. For a 8Gb video card product, the price is expensive relatively.

The launch of 16Gb edition is the thing they could do as a redemption and save their face. Moreover, such memory size feels like an insult for enthusiast gamers, given the dollars they need to spend in getting the product.

There's gonna be one hundred dollars gap between this 16Gb edition with the standard version. Nevertheless, beside the difference in memory size, the overall specification are still the same.

The more thing to see is there's not gonna be Founder Edition available as well, as the product is still in one line up. And obviously the different is about the memory size.

That said, the more enthusiasts apparently may try this high end video card once it is released officially in their place.

Now let's go see the more things about RTX 4060 Ti, but with standard edition or the usual 8Gb size. Yes since the product is released this year, then it's good enough for people who always aim for the latest product to use.

It is just 128bit yet the power of the card is powerful. After all talking about bus width is not relevant anymore since the component from the product get more efficient compared to ten or fifteen years ago.

And to be compared with the opponent from AMD side, the performance will be similar with RX 6700 XT and 6750 XT.

The RTX 4060 is ten percent stronger than RTX 3060 Ti, even the latter comes with 256 bit bus width, if talking about the efficient from a graphics card.

It is efficient in terms of performance compared to some enthusiasts product for this class. That said, you obviously need a better and reliable power supply to support this card due to 160W power consumption, and you can't expect that from a standard power supply especially from your PC case.

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