The collection of Graphics Card to consider in January

Start this year by choosing a new graphics card for gaming, like RX 6950 XT which should be your strongest option in this article, yet the power draw is still less the competitor in same class.

Before the release of RX 7900 XT, definitely this RX 6950 XT is the most powerful one.

Many games above 60 fps surely with 4K settings can be gained with the card.

And not only for the performance, its efficiency is something matters given its super fast specification that you can see from it thanks to the latest RDNA 2 architecture.

Not to mention DirectX Raytracing as exciting feature to get from this product.

Surely you need more recommendation of a new video card, and depending on budget you can get your favorite product right now.

400 dollars and 500 dollars could be relatively reasonable price to get, and for this range there should be many options to choose.

Obviously with enough budget you need to get the new one instead of used. Thus you can invest to buy another component.

In this following article surely there's recommendation for cheaper gpu component, and it's not a mistake to get it either since not all of us rich enough to buy every new released product.

With a more reasonable price for budget gamers, they can still get a powerful product, of course for smaller resolution.

With the limited option of good video card under $100, your choice should only stick with GT 1030 which is suggested. There's something cheaper with GT 730 but it's not that recommended.

DDR5 with 2GB vram is not something to complaint about the card given the price, nevertheless it will be best enough for your potato computer.

In fact certain gaming internet cafe still rely on this card since GT 1030 is still reliable enough to play competitive games and many online titles from Genshin Impact to PUBG and Apex Legends.

The alternative option for GT 1030 is this GTX 1630 which is reliable enough if you want to add some investment to your budget. To be honest this series is less superior than GTX 1650, yet it will attract you due to the smaller power draw.

Now time to choose Best Graphics Card Under 100 recommended here in the market.