At least use this Graphics Card to play One Piece Odyssey

One thing for sure about One Piece series is its popularity despite how many years has passed since the first time the manga released. It makes sense why publishers keep exploring this title one of them through video games.

Surely always hope for new innovation every time a games is published, and One Piece Odyssey can present with unique JRPG which is still the turn based system. Of course since the games has been announced for PC, then let's find out what it needs as the requirement.

But first also know that the games will also support multi language support and maybe your native language will also available.

Surely regardless of the visual quality or the graphics which does not look demanding since it looks cartoon, it still requires the best from your PC as a machine.

Win 10 and 11 as the standard OS is needed with 64 bit version. Plus the 8 Gb as standard and minimum ram requirement for a lot of new games released in recent years.

And R9 290X or GTX 780 is suggested as minimum video card requirement.

Meanwhile RX 590 and GTX 1060 is the recommended video card here to play the games optimally.

But let's talk more about GTX 780 since we already reviewed the GTX 1060 in another article, as the requirement and surely there are many interesting points about this gpu.

As a high end gpu released in 2013, it may not as strong as many high end product released recently. 3 gb size for 2013 was big enough, but not for 2020s where the games require more and more.

Interestingly it can give similar performance on paper alongside Arc A380, one of the latest graphics card from Intel. And the performance is also closer with GTX 1650 and RX 6400.

But on contrary with the cards mentioned later, GTX 780 is not a type of graphics card with lower power.

And with such high power draw, 250 W you may not even want to get it into the computer if you are not sure about the quality of your power supply unit, let alone the multiply of pins it needs.

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