Radeon RX 6950 XT as the second AMD strongest Graphics Card

As the highest series from RX 6000, this RX 6950 XT should be the main target for a gamer whose the target is to play the games with the best as possible.

Equipped with faster specification and large Vram, up to 16 GB, there's no stopping it ro run game with 1440p and also 4K. And as a high end product, many gamers surely know what's best about this AMD gpu.

And of course as part of RX 6000 family then you can see that the gpu has been powered with the same architecture which is RDNA2.

Video card with this architecture particularly has many great features from anti lag technology to super resolution support. But of course, the actual performance is what we need most.

Nevertheless the specs of RX 6950 XT are made for top performance that you don't need to question anymore.

Now let's start the test from Tom's Hardware from Sapphire Nitro for the games that are run in 4K, of course for AAA gaming test.

Far Cry 6 games test with DX 12 in ultra 4K is surely not a problem to played with this.

Published in 2021, it can be considered as heavy games since many video card especially low entry, and some mid end gpu will struggle to handle the games.

Around 90 fps is the result the card can achieve and when the article is written this number is higher than the competitor.

Of course you can also try the Forza Horizon 5 which is an "open world" racing with one of the best graphics for this genre.

Again it's so easy for the card to tame this series, where in 4k and max settings, the video card can reach almost 100 fps which can also beat the competitor.

Last games to test is Borderlands 3 from Gearbox. That said, even though the graphics does not look that demanding, turns out the can reach above 75 fps, still 4K and max settings.

And let's see the power consumption still from Tom's hardware as our source. When the Metro Exodus games is tested on 1440p, it can consume around 377,7 watt as the total system apparently.

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