The current Graphics Card problem from RX 7900 XTX to find

The present of a new released Graphics Card is so excited to wait, including the new product from AMD.

But a rather unique program just happened to RX 7900 XTX from AMD where this product in terms of temperature can reach above 110 celsius.

Nevertheless AMD is confident enough to make their product able to outclass the competitor.

It's safe to say RX 7900 XTX got a quite powerful specs and it should have more than anything needed for a gamer to utilize such product into his gaming machine.

Still, the problem about its high temperature is something to concern about, even though 12VHPWR cable has not been implemented to it, yet the problem still occurred.

Moreover, this problem can be found in reference mode by AMD, and have not been found on another manufacturers. So something is not right probably about the design or maybe the other technical thing.

According to Tom's Hardware, despite the design and power it can release, this video card got another problem known as "thermal throttling".

Even worse, the such problem still occurs even though the three fans can work properly. To overcome this problem AMD let the gamers refund the card.

The thing is 110 celsius is the highest temperature of the card as described inside the official page, but for some reason maybe the plate, design or something unknown, the temperature of the card can reach about the suggested number.

Apparently you won't find the problem in many manufacturers or retail version except for the reference edition.

Came as an enthusiast product, the RX 7900 XTX is a very powerful gpu product. With 20 GB size, 320 bus bit and 800.0 GB/s, they should be enough to reflect the power of this card especially for 4K. But it will definitely overkill to use this in a standard 1080 monitor or TV.

That said, beside the problem on reference edition with higher temperature, the power draw from this AMD card in general is also high, about 300 watt which is of course, you also need a powerful power supply to tame the product. Let alone the price that is quite expensive and it may affect your saving.