Choose high end Graphics Card if you have enough budget

Now this is another part form my other article where it talks about some choice of Graphics Card to get and is recommended for the end of this year.

Start the list with RX 6650 XT where it is the best choice in term of price per performance. Surely you can buy something more expensive but this RX card will prove something else for you than the other choice.

Of course this only the case where you consider if RTX 3050 is over-priced.

Next choice should be RTX 3060 Ti where it's attractive enough to run games and frame rate above 100. But of course affordable gamers won't choose this due to the price range.

For such price range both AMD and Nvidia got their own "monster" to fight each other.

And both card will have similar performance but if you want to use the Ray Tracing then get the Geforce card.

But if Ray Tracing does not draw your interest then getting the card from AMD is a good choice.

The competitor should be RX 6750 XT and AMD have made this as a powerful graphics card for its class, and with this inside your computer, you can feel proud about its performance in general or for gaming.

Of course for more ideal budget is about 1000 dollars or under where there are exciting choice for the enthusiasts surely by Nvidia and AMD.

On paper RX 6800 looks much better option and is better than RTX 3070, but actually the performance both card can show may not that different.

Moreover, a gamer who considers to use 4K resolution for gaming needs to get either option. Of course if budget is not your problem.

Once again, for a graphics card that can give exclusive feature such as Ray Tracing and DLSS can be found only in RTX lines up.

Now the last recommended product in this quick guide is RTX 3080 Ti, where you must spend above 1000 dollars to get this powerful video card. And surely you can use Ray Tracing.

However, RX 6950 XT is slightly better and if you aim for more pure power instead of features then try to get this nice card.