The latest Graphics Card version from RTX 3050

Just a few days before we enter the new year, now let's "celebrate" it by talking about the new edition or refresh edition from RTX 3050, and it's expected that this video card can draw less power.

And this edition comes without "Ti" version as well.

In early 2022, Nvidia have released to public more affordable gpu with Ray Tracing features. Apparently the refresh edition is presented to strengthening this line up.

Different with the ordinary RTX 3050 with Ampere GA106, the latest edition is equipped with GA107.

Theoretically this also good and ideal choice for content creator, gamers and any users from general background. Of course if they don't mind spending more than what they need to get for low entry product.

Moreover, Nvidia have created this to be more efficient and the power consumption will be explained below.

According to Wccftech, the newest edition of RTX 3050 won't have the difference with ordinary edition, still with 2.560 CUDA which is the same number as you can find in the same gen.

See the detail of specification from the example of this edition from MSI RTX 3050 Ventus 2X OCV1 with 14 Gbps memory speed, 8Gb ddr6, 115 watt power requirement, and PCIe 4.0 requirement.

This MSI card according to Youtube video can run many heavy games including a playstation 4 ported games with frame rate that can reach 100 fps, with decent visual setting of course.

With Guardian of Galaxy games, it can gain stable 60 fps. Apparently the user locked the frame rate and it should gain higher frame rate if it is unlocked.

Now let's talk specifically about the watt consumption with the range of 115 watt which is smaller than 130 watt from the standard RTX 3050 graphics card.

Maybe it's just a "coincidence" since CEO from Intel corp stated that a video card must not rely too much on power for gaining the performance.

The example of Intel product for Gpu is Intel ARC A380 where it can run side by side with GTX 1650 and also RX 6400. And the power consumption is relatively same with GTX 1650 but is slightly higher than RX 6400 as the comparison.

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