Know more about existence of RTX 3060 DDR6X Graphics Card

If you want to be included as part of "PC master race" then having a powerful video card is a must.

Surely video card is not exclusive only for a computer because consoles such as PlayStation 4 and 5 have been integrated with powerful gpu as well.

The result is of course the graphics which is even better from time to time.

Buying a new gpu product is recommended especially for this year since crypto is no longer a thing, hence the gpu prices in general is back in normal, even though not as cheaper as before.

Obviously the practice of cryptomining may effect the price of a graphics card, and instead of gamers, those people buy unreasonable amount of mid and high end gpu.

So that's a little thing about the product above, and let's go to another topic, RTX 3060 with DDR6X type.

The existence of new type from RTX 3060 with new DDR has been anticipated, and gamers can hope that it can give extra power compared to standard RTX 3060.

This video card nonetheless is still good for content creator and surely for gamers. Of course not everyone is happy, including VideoCardz where they think this innovation is not enough.

The size reduction from 12Gb to 8Gb should worry you, and not just that, the bus size is also cut to 128 bit from 192 bit. Given the fact above, this is the "lite" version from the RTX 3060 video card.

Apart from the changing of the memory size, the specification in general does not get any change, so it will be same with the standard RTX 3060.

Moreover, it will be better if we called it as "Ti" version from RTX 3050.

However, according to HardwareUnboxed and the benchmark test they conducted, this GDDR6X is less powerful than the standard version.

The result can be seen especially in 1440p and also 1080p where it does not give enough power for gaming due to 128 bit bus it got.

In fact, the test can show that if the card is not good and powerful enough for the enthusiast.

In the end, a gamer who expects something reliable and powerful can't really depend on this product.

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