Graphics Card to choose in the end of 2022 based on budget

Let's admit that this year is quite active for graphics card manufacturers to release new product, both from Nvidia and AMD. And thanks to the trend of cryptomining which is not that popular like before, the distribution of video card become better to our hand.

Unlike before, the price of the product become more affordable, at least for high end and mid end component.

Moreover, this year is also right time to upgrade where you can replace your current gpu to something stronger.

Since we are going toward to end of 2022, it's best to see list of video card product to buy in the price range you can afford. That said, the collection of the product will come from entry level to high end.

Let's start from RX 550 which can you get around 100 dollars.

For such price range unfortunately we as gamers don't have that much of choice since GT 1030 could be the only option beside RX 550, plus this RX can perform 10 percent better than GT 1030.

Surely with this price range be happy with the performance of the card for 720p resolution.

Now let's go to higher budget or around 200 dollars where you can get GTX 1650.

RX 550 XT is the best choice beside GTX 1650, yet consider to have this GTX 1650 since the card is so popular according to Steam survey.

For 300 dollars why not change your target to GTX 1660 Super where it is best for 1080p and also 1440p.

Now by adding more 100 dollars to your budget, a video card which is best for 1080p can be aimed even for AA games, but of course you can't use the Ray Tracing which is available for RTX series only.

And for even better alternative then try to get GTX 1660 Ti edition where the performance should be better than its "brother". Ti version is still recommended even though the Super edition is available.

Given the article recommendation above, aim for best choice. But since not everyone can't afford high end or mid end graphics card, getting a low entry product is not the end of the world.

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