Let's go back and see the history of Graphics Card

For a person who are used with computer then he/she surely knows a lot about graphics card or often called with GPU. But we made this article more for average computer users who want to know more about this component, so keep on reading and see closer this guide.

It is also included the external version or integrated, size and more.

Of course this is the main element to get the best visual or graphics as possible.

And the video card will be the answer to significantly improve your computer to play games.

According to Wikipedia, a video card is a component designed especially for graphics/visual.

Moreover, GPU does not use only for computer, but your smartphone is also powered with a gpu. Obviously this is because of the importance of the component for gaming.

Of course it'd be interesting to notice about the history of this video card from the first time it was made to the condition like you see today.

Now let's start from 70s where you must play arcades only to play the games, and two titles that were popular at that time, Space Invaders and Gun Fight.

The gpu back then was so slow and could only render the colors, and the price was also expensive.

Gpu was so small and it looks like a chip, and it was integrated to a computer, and the resolution was 1024x1024.

Intel 82720 was the example of first gpu introduced at 1982 and it already used 16 bit type.

And in 90s, the 3D games was first developed, and the video card back then was enough to show power for that purpose.

90s was also the time where consoles got more popular, and the gpu had been used as integrated part of those consoles.

At that era it was such a huge improvement for the component, and 3D games was a new standard for gaming.

Nvidia first introduced their first ever graphics card, Geforce 256.

And another gpu came to gamers are 3DFX Voodoo.

Now let's re visit the 2000s era where another video card surfaced from ATI Radeon with the Radeon 9700 as the first product.

And Nvidia followed by releasing Geforce gen three to eight. And their power can be compared with Xbox and Playstation 2 at that time. And one of the best is RTX 2060.

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