What some people said about GTX 1630 Graphics Card

After you have noticed about the specification brought by GTX 1630, guess what it can fully give to play games, especially for intense gaming.

But for those who are curious about thinking to get it then there's one of two thing to know about this video card.

Previously mentioned, it has been equipped with DDR6 memory which makes GTX 1630 is the cheapest product with this kind of memory type, beside RX 6400. But surely the fewer amount of cuda core may concern you.

And even for the bandwidth, it may really hard for the card to defeat GTX 1050 Ti. So on the paper, it's still hard to see GTX 1630 to beat GTX 1050 Ti directly.

Gamers who highly expect this gpu to be something exceptional will feel let down. Given the performance of this card, no wonder many negative comment about this product i general.

For example the user who are joking about Nvidia to release GTX 1610 for 2024 which is a joke about GT 710.

Or how the latest integrated gpu from Ryzen can beat the GTX 1630 easily.

Or if this GTX 1630 should not become to be named as "GTX" series.

So believing if GTX 1630 can match GTX 1050 Ti is a false hope.

Nevertheless, GTX 1630 will look as "successor" of GT 1030, despite the "GTX" name it brings. But as you can see, GT 1030 is already five years old, and it makes sense if Nvidia need to replace it or at least, strengthen the position of entry level with the latest product.

But according to benchmark conducted by Inno3D, this graphics card can beat GTX 1050, non Ti edition.

But according to benchmark, GTX 1630 and GTX 1050 Ti are not best to play games like Valhalla or certain games that can be run smooth with high end video card.

To sum up the test, GTX 1630 can not beat GTX 1050 Ti, but the different from both card will not be that significant.

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